Essentia: Some updates on security and recent events

By Essentia

Posted September 1, 2018

Some updates on security and recent events

  • As blockchain pioneers, we constantly strive to be at the forefront of emerging technologies and security protocols, that is why the entire Essentia ecosystem assumed a thorough audit to detect any potential fragilities.
  • Today, we detected a breach in the Essentia test network which resulted in the leak of 37k investor email and IP addresses containing geolocation and timezones. With utmost priority, we immediately restructured the concerned infrastructure and completely changed API information in order to prevent the possibility of a future compromise.
  • We want to reiterate that no critical infrastructure was breached. The Essentia framework/protocol remains completely secure and only the - hosting our testing environment - was breached. No account details, wallets, passwords or personal information were affected.
  • Any leak in email addresses can lead to potential spam attacks or phishing attempts, so please be cautious at all times and contact the Essentia team if you spot anything suspicious. Just like emails, IP addresses do not directly correlate with user accounts but they can reveal details such as country location and time.
  • As we make the transition to more safe and secure decentralized resources, we still rely on a few services not empowered by blockchain. After discovering the breach, independent white-hat hackers determined that no other databases were compromised and all necessary measures were taken to prevent a future attack.
  • By enduring these events recently, our security team has vastly improved their experience and thus increasing the standard internally. We’ve also hired a reputable specialist which will assist us in constantly increasing our internal standard.
  • Our international team of leading engineers and experts continue to work day and night to bring superior security and privacy to the digital world. The arrival of the Web 3.0 is just around the corner, and we plan on bringing it into fruition.
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